In today’s fast-paced work environment, meeting the diverse real estate needs of a company can be daunting.  With over a decade of corporate and non-profit real estate experience, Burloc Development Company is here to streamline both commercial and residential consulting and development needs.  Our corporate and non-profit clientele services include:
·  Site Selection (data center, office, research lab, industrial, etc.)
·  Acquisitions
·  Dispositions
·  Land Assemblage
·  Easements
·  Pipeline Right-of-Way (ROW)
·  Wetland Mitigation
·  Tax Liens
·  Brownfields
·  Property Management of Environmentally Impacted Land


As the investment community’s knowledge continues to grow, so has its allocation to the real estate segment. It is no longer acceptable to offer single digit returns to savvy investors. However, investing in existing properties and new real estate development projects takes a well-thought-out strategy. Burloc Development Company is here to assist the investor community with the following real estate consulting and development investment services:
• Acquisitions (Commercial & Residential)
• Joint Ventures
• New Development Projects (Commercial & Residential)
• Tax Liens
• Land Holds & Dispositions
• Deal Structure
• Letter of Intent (LOI)
• Purchase & Sale Agreements (PSA)
• Airbnb

custom home buyers

After spending countless hours at work, nothing is better than coming home to the house of your dreams.  Whether you are looking to build something as extravagant as having a dwelling with your own indoor heated swimming pool or as modest as a container home, Burloc Development Company will be able to help you navigate the process with the least amount of stress as possible.  We offer our custom home clients the following consulting and development services:
· Lot/Site Selection
· Architects
· Engineers (Structural, Civil, MEP)
· Financing
· Floodplain
· Utilities
· Deed Restrictions

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